Marina Trost
staatlich geprüfte und beeidigte Urkundenübersetzerin

Specialization as an expansion of professional competencies

In my more than 20 years working as a state-examined and certified translator of official documents for the English language, the translation of demanding financial and legal texts from English to German has been the core business of my translation company, MTranslations. I have been supported in my work by a group of experienced colleagues who help see to it that translation jobs of all scopes can be completed flexibly and in a timely manner.

Not only do clients from the financial and banking sectors depend on the services of MTranslations, but industrial enterprises value our expertise, language skills, reliability, and adherence to deadlines, as well. We have thus been able to gain in-depth expertise in further subject areas, as financial and legal texts naturally also contain technical aspects regarding the subject at hand.  

We translate market analyses (stocks, bonds, currencies, raw materials) as well as research publications, company reports, product information and presentations, technical chart analyses, and strategy reports for companies in the financial and banking sectors. We have thus been responsible for some 15 years now for the translation of a daily publication of a major Swiss bank, for example, which has to be delivered within a very narrow time frame while assuring the highest degree of precision and quality.

Regional and international companies rely on our services when it comes to the translation of all kinds of contracts, presentations for internal and external audiences, annual reports, articles for online newsletters, brochures, press releases, job advertisements, marketing materials, corporate principles, organizational and ethical guidelines, and manuals. For companies from the automotive sector, our translation services also cover technical data sheets, product descriptions, and QA guidelines.


Our work is characterized by a high degree of specialization. I see no limitations through specialization, but rather an expansion of professional competencies and linguistic range. The ability to intelligibly express complicated subject matter is not only a question of linguistic proficiency; it also requires a sound professional background.